4 Reasons to Embrace Anxiety

Sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so socially anxious all of the time. Sometimes I wish I behaved with more confidence on dates or job interviews. Sometimes I wish I didn’t constantly worry or feel anxious about everything in life. I have social anxiety. It’s something I’ve always had and something I probably always will have. But once I learned to accept and embrace my anxiety, everything changed for the better. Here are four reasons you should embrace your anxiety.

1. Being anxious is not much different from being excited.

The only difference between anxiety and excitement is that one holds you back from doing new things and the other propels you forward. Think back to everything you’ve ever done that made you happy. Chances are, at the beginning of the thing, you had to overcome some anxiety. But you probably also had some excitement. The next time you feel both anxious and excited, try to focus more on the excited feelings.

2. Anxiety shows us what areas of life we need to work on.

If you feel a lot of social anxiety every time you meet new people and venture outside of your comfort zone, then you probably will understand that you need to venture outside of your comfort zone and meet new people more. If you feel anxiety every time you take a test, you probably will understand that you need to study more. Anxiety can show us where we need more practice in life.

3. Anxiety means you care about the future.

Most people are anxious because they worry about the future. But what if you didn’t look at it that way? What if every time you got anxious you were able to re-frame it in your mind as just caring more about the future?

4. Anxiety gives us an opportunity to practice skills we need to learn.

Every time you feel anxiety, you can take a deep breath and meditate for a minute and calm yourself down. Sometimes anxiety can force you to be more prepared. If you are always anxious about being late, for example, that anxiety might ensure that you always get places on time.

It’s important to accept and embrace our emotions instead of resisting them and pushing them away, and anxiety can be another thing that we do this with. If we learn to love ourselves with our anxiety and everything, we can learn to overcome our anxiety.