Social Anxiety: Alcohol is not the Answer

I know the situation all too well. A friend invites you to a party. You want to go and be social. You want to stop sitting on your couch every Friday night with your cat, your blanket, and your Netflix. You want to be an interesting person with friends. But the idea of going to a party and talking to people gives you so much social anxiety. It makes you feel stressed, tense, panicked. It makes you want to hide inside of a hole. It makes you want to pull the blanket over your head and never go out of your apartment again.

I know how this is because I’ve been there. But let’s say you do muster up the courage and the energy to go to the party. When you walk inside and you start feeling anxious, as soon as someone offers you a drink, you take it. You chug a few drinks, take a few shots, until you feel more relaxed. You feel less inhibited. And suddenly you realize you aren’t socially anxious anymore. When this happens, it can feel like alcohol is the answer to all of your anxiety issues, but it isn’t.

If you start drinking to deal with your social anxiety, when will you ever stop? There are so many healthier ways to deal with social anxiety. Drinking may seem like an easy way out, but it’s not. Drinking is not only horrible for your health, but it can lead to serious conditions and destructive behavior. There are plenty of people who develop big drinking problems and it all started with them trying to cure their social anxiety.

It’s important that you find a healthier way to manage your anxiety. It’s also important that you admit to yourself any problems that you might have. You may discover that you need help, and that’s okay. It’s never bad to ask for health. Have a look at our resources below if you feel you need to ask for help.

Alcoholism Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous
Rethink Drinking